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Rejuvenating patches are nothing new in our books. We’ve been slapping crescent moon-shaped patches packed with the promises of eternal youth under our eyes for years. And if we haven’t been trying to wish away eye wrinkles, we’ve been popping tiny circular patches on our pimples and patiently waited for that tiny red dome on our face to disappear.

But while everyone has been treating these methods like gospel, a new curative kid has walked onto the block: microneedle patches.

For all those playing at home, the basic idea behind the general practice of micro-needling is to pierce the top layer of your skin with microscopic needles so that any topical products applied to your skin after are a lot more effective and absorbed further into the skin.

Now back to the topic on deck. The next-gen answer to zapping all that is evil off of our complexions, microneedle patches (nerdy translation: transdermal drug delivery systems) are patented dissolvable cosmetic patches that gently penetrate the skin sans damage or pain courtesy of the tiny .5mm needles attached to them.


Keen to see these patches in action? Below you’ll find a step-by-step diagram of our microneedle patches in action over a period of 30 minutes. Watch as the microneedles pierce the top layer of your skin, and just minutes later, launch the skin-loving ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Half an hour later, the patches are already well on their way to helping you achieve your skincare mission.  

Okay, are you now ready to give them a go? Just pick an offending area—be it fine lines, mouth lines or a blemish that just won’t quit—and place the micro-needling patch firmly on there. FYI a slight tingle may be felt upon application on the needling, but don’t be alarmed! That’s just the microneedles puncturing the skin, and this absolutely normal sensation should go away in a matter of seconds.

Once you have applied the patch, the hundreds and thousands of barely-visible needles—which are packed with highly-potent active ingredients might we add—packed onto the patch puncture the skin to get to its deeper layers.  

And before you know it the needles dissolve, delivering skin-loving ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin where they can really do their best work, slowly eliminating your skin woes more and more with every use.

The best part? Unlike your run of the mill micro-needling treatments you can remedy all your skin woes with a microneedle patch right at home! No clinic visits necessary.

Keen to venture on a microneedle patch journey? Give our Plumping Patches, which target signs of ageing, or our Pimple Patches, which have your pesky pimples in their sights, a try!

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