What Are Microneedle/MicroCrystal Patches and How Do They Work?

What Are Microneedle/MicroCrystal Patches and How Do They Work?

Every so often, a new beauty craze hits the headlines and everywhere we look, celebrities and influencers are endorsing it like it’s the best thing since sliced cucumbers. Then, many disappear like they never happened (donkey milk skincare, anyone?).

But one skincare innovation that’s been around for a while and is set to stay is microneedling – specifically microneedling at home using MicroCrystal patches. So, what are MicroCrystal patches, what are the benefits of microneedling and importantly, do MicroCrystal patches work/hurt?

Here’s everything you need to know!

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling involves a process of carefully inserting extremely fine needles into the skin. But before you reel away in horror, the tiny needles only enter just below the surface, so nowhere near anything like an injection or having a blood test.

Causing a deliberate injury to the skin to gain a benefit sounds a bit crazy, we’ll be the first to admit that. But when we look at the science behind microneedling, it all becomes clear.

Inserting multiple tiny needles into the skin causes micro injuries to the tissues and upper layers of skin, and this is where the magic happens. When the skin becomes injured, it wants to fix itself and therefore rapidly goes into repair and wound healing mode.

Once the skin has this repair signal, it begins to stimulate skin cell renewal. It also begins to produce the proteins needed for repair, in particular the Holy Grail of skin proteins – collagen.

What Are MicroCrystal Patches?

MicroCrystal patches contain active skin rejuvenating ingredients that have been crystallized to form sharp crystals no bigger than 250 microns, which is about a third of the width of a human hair. So, pretty small.

These crystals effectively form into MicroCrystals (so actually, they’re not really needles at all, despite their name). The crystals are then attached to a water-soluble chip that is itself attached to a hydrocolloid plaster. The plaster attaches the chip containing its MicroCrystals to the skin and keeps it in place whilst the MicroCrystals get to work. There’s no need for rolling at all - just stick the patches on, sit back and relax.

The major difference between microneedling and MicroCrystal patches is that MicroCrystal patches don’t need to prick the skin and cause injury. What does a MicroCrystal patch do differently from a dermaroller? Well, they do the same job, but a MicroCrystal patch does so without causing trauma. Instead, the crystals simply dissolve into the skin. And that’s scientific progress!

MicroCrystal patches can also be used to deliver targeted treatments, such as hydrating hyaluronic acid and anti-aging peptides, deeper into the skin rendering them even more effective.

How Safe Are MicroCrystal Patches?

The main benefit of MicroCrystal patches is obviously that they’re targeted to a specific area of skin, but they’re also safe. Since they cause no trauma to the skin, you won’t feel a thing (aside from a satisfying tingle indicating that they’re working) and they won’t cause any bleeding unlike dermarollers which are considerably more aggressive.

The major difference between microneedling and MicroCrystal patches is that MicroCrystal patches cannot harm the skin and cause injury. 

Help! How Do I Decide Which Ones Are Best for Me?

MicroCrystal patches work by dissolving active ingredients into the skin. Therefore, to use the most effective ones, look for MicroCrystal patches that contain the best active ingredients such as collagen, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and salicylic acid and contain a high number of microscopic needles.

What Does a MicroCrystal Patch Do for Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

MicroCrystal patches press into the skin where the MicroCrystals, or crystals made up of active ingredients, penetrate into the dermal layer and are activated by water in the skin to dissolve.

This means that these nourishing, hydrating and anti-aging active ingredients are delivered exactly where they should be. Simply apply them to areas of your face, such as under the eyes where fine lines can be most problematic and let them get to work.

Vice Reversa MicroCrystal Wrinkle Eye Patches are fantastic at targeting fine lines around the eyes.

They help to plump and refresh the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimize dark under eye circles. And with innovative ingredients including hydrating hyaluronic acid, plumping collagen and anti-aging peptides, and 2,600 MicroCrystals per patch, if you’re concerned about aging skin, then they’re just what you’re looking for.

What Are the Benefits of Microneedling for Collagen Production?

Stimulating the production of collagen by causing micro injuries using microneedling techniques is beneficial to skin that’s showing signs of aging. Or as an insurance measure against future aging.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that’s carried out in skin clinics and authorized beauty spas by trained specialists using specialist microneedling rollers, or dermarollers.

This technology has been around for quite a while, and dermarollers are now available for use at home, with mixed results. Microneedling and using a dermaroller can be painful and can cause bleeding, and a few tears too, if your pain threshold is low or you’re squeamish about the use of needles. Let alone needles near your face and eyes.

Vice Reversa MicroCrystal Wrinkle Eye Patches are fantastic at targeting fine lines around the eyes [helping] to plump and refresh the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimize dark under eye circles.

However, with the advent of some spectacular science, MicroCrystal patches that can be safely used at home are now available. They’ve been based on the same innovative skin health technology as microneedling using a dermaroller, but are even better and less invasive…

  • Microneedling your skin can help active ingredients reach beyond the outer layer of skin, helping them to be more effective.
  • Unlike conventional microneedling, MicroCrystal patches are made from crystals of active ingredients which dissolve after they've been pressed into your skin.
  • MicroCrystals made of crystals cause less damage and are completely safe for you to use yourself, at home, without professional assistance.

MicroCrystal Patches from Vice Reversa

Here at Vice Reversa, we believe that slowing the effects of aging and doing all we can to manage acne prone skin is all part of a normal skin routine.

So, what are MicroCrystal patches? The answer is, the solution to your skin concerns!

You have the choice to make changes if you wish to, and we’re here to empower you to do just that. What’s more, we know you live a busy life so we’ve designed our MicroCrystal patches to boost your skin, produce enviable results and be quick and fuss-free.

Are they the secret to amazing skin? We certainly think so. Why not find out for yourself?