The First Anti-Ageing Micromask Brand

Our revolutionary line of transdermal anti-ageing skincare programs are designed to elevate your at home skincare routine beyond the ordinary. With hundreds of ultra-fine microneedles on a medical-grade hydrocolloid patch delivering active ingredients direct to the dermal layers we are redefining the standards of skincare excellence.

Our anti-ageing products are targeted for eye and face including eye re-juvenator, crow decreaser, pigment fader and spot stoppa. Each offers a transformative journey towards radiant and youthful-looking skin.

We pride ourselves with each product as a testament to our commitment to innovation.

Eye Re-Juvenator

High performing but gentle on skin our ultimate eye patches are formulated to soften fine lines, strengthen skin elasticity, boost hydration, and brighten the eye area.

Crow Decreaser

Crow De-Creaser supercharges your anti-aging. Each outer-eye MicroMask™️ is covered in hundreds of tiny crystal tips, formulated from a blend of powerful active ingredients.

Pigment Fader

Our innovative brilliant dark spot patches use MicroCrystal Technology to fade dark spots and blemishes. 500 self-dissolving MicroCrystals melt into the skin to deliver a hydrating cocktail of brightening actives deep down where it counts.

Spot Stoppa

Advanced pimple patches designed to tackle stubborn hormonal zits, early-stage pimples and deep under-the-skin spots. The microneedles release powerful ingredients that visibly change the spot’s appearance, colour and size from just two hours. Skin is left feeling soothed and calm, with a clearer complexion.

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